Development Updates July 2021

1 BC team has been selected by Creative Destruction Lab bootcamp by the University of Toronto.

2 Launched blind box campaign to distribute NFTs & prizes using testnet network.

3 Testnet faucet has a total user account of ~23K, (3K in early June)

4 1143 tasks have been completed by our Ambassador candidates. The community is reviewing each of their tasks.

5 New staff members: Added Adeline in gaming, Jerry as full-stack, Mike in web/Blockchain to the engineering team.

6 Launched a new website with a new design.

7 The dev team led by Justin and Shannon is busy preparing alpha-0.1 for selected internal users.

Testing 3D NFT in the virtual world
A Bit Country Map — User’s own map of the 3D World

8 Our team members were invited to join various panel discussions.

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