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Start your own metaverse for your fans with NFTs

Humans have never stopped expanding their consciousness and sphere of exploration. We are composing a new chapter in the web3.0 paradigm for mass adoption with sustainable technologies.

Ever since the internet came into our lives, we have benefited from the high speed of information exchange, and then blockchain networks provided us with a trustless flow of value. We now envisage that the metaverse will bring civilization a highway of imagination and happiness.

Today, we are excited to announce a new era of the metaverse. The Bit.Country …

Here is the development update for July 2021 from the middle metaverse. Community campaign launched, Bootcamp at Creative Destruction Lab, Alpha 0.1 development.

1 BC team has been selected by Creative Destruction Lab bootcamp by the University of Toronto.

While Testnet NUUM has no value, but it can be used to have fun like opening a blind box.

With the continuous expansion of the B.C community, we feel the enthusiasm and affirmation for the metaverse from you all.


  • Use testnet NUUM to open blind box.
  • Find the blind boxes in our Discord in blindbox-campaign channel
  • Go to to open blind boxes.
  • Criteria: users with Twitter account created before July 13th, 2021
  • Read the terms and conditions.

Bit.Country’s launch is coming, which will usher in a new rich metaverse and NFT experience, however that doesn’t stop us from allowing…

June 24, Phala Network announced a collaboration with Bit.Country. Bit.Country, based on its blockchain platform and protocol, allows users to build their own metaverse with NFTs, timeline views, 3D virtual worlds, and other functions.

Phala will provide privacy infrastructure services to Bit.Country’s Metaverse, allowing the addition of privacy features to Metaverse, Virtual worlds, NFTs, and secret messages.

Bit.Country is a decentralized world built on blockchain that allows users to create communities, cities, buildings, bit countries and other assets in the digital space. This model is made possible by means of NFTs. The model also allows buying and selling of NFTs. As such, users can make money from digital assets just like money is being made in the real world from trading assets.

Bit.Country’s Faucet

Bit.Country’s testnet faucet is now live and individuals can start receiving the testnet tokens of the project. The currency or token of Bit.Country is $NUUM. At the moment, the token isn’t out for…

Block collision, Meta in Chaos before the Genesis: Kicking off the first Bit.Country design competition. Let’s show your creativity and metaverse dream!

“There is no loneliness in the metaverse, Only carnivals from different planets. Metaverse is the super highway of dreams and happiness”

Hi, 3D lovers, metaverse dreamers,

It is the time to show your creativity! 2021 is the year when NFT is detonated. Countless amazing creative works have set off a boom sweeping the whole industry.

The Bit.Country 3D Architect Competition is a freestyle design competition open to professional and young designers.

As a designer, metaverse can not only…

Here is the development update for June 2021 from the middle metaverse. Testnet Faucet is live, collator node operator program is live.

  1. Launched testnet node operator campaign. Currently holding the 1st position among Polkadot projects! See it here
  2. Launched our testnet faucet and receiving over 50K transactions.
  3. Ambassador program launched with 500 registrations. Apply Here
  4. The waiting list reached 18,000 users who want to create their Bit Countries for their people.
  5. Established partnership with agency companies who want to onboard KOLs. e.g. MV production.
  6. Established partnership with world builders and architects.
  7. Initial PR campaign launched.
  8. Onboarded more team members for…

We are proud to announce a partnership with RMRK through their Kanaria project and RMRK2.0 standards.

We are also looking forward to working with NFT pioneers to bring NFTs for mainstream adoption in the ecosystem.

Kanaria is a fundraiser for the RMRK Association, which distributes unique NFT eggs that will hatch into unique and rare Kanaria birds (canaries) with special upgradable traits.

These birds are composable limited-edition NFTs (max 9999) that can evolve with the platforms around them, and offer permanent platform benefits to their holders, based on some traits they own. …

By Ifeanyi Egede

A lot of innovations have sprung up since the advent of the blockchain. These innovations have led to a positive paradigm shift.

Cryptocurrencies have caused a shift in the finance ecosystem while NFTs have affected the digital and virtual ecosystem. At the moment, it seems almost everything can be digitized, thanks to blockchain technology.

While there are many projects in the blockchain and digital space, only a few have stood out as unique. Bit.Country

Congratulations our leader! This is an amazing achievement.


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