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Start your own metaverse for your fans with NFTs

Humans have never stopped expanding their consciousness and sphere of exploration. We are composing a new chapter in the web3.0 paradigm for mass adoption with sustainable technologies.

Ever since the internet came into our lives, we have benefited from the high speed of information exchange, and then blockchain networks provided us with a trustless flow of value. We now envisage that the metaverse will bring civilization a highway of imagination and happiness.

Today, we are excited to announce a new era of the metaverse. The Bit.Country …

We are proud to announce a partnership with RMRK through their Kanaria project and RMRK2.0 standards.

We are also looking forward to working with NFT pioneers to bring NFTs for mainstream adoption in the ecosystem.

Kanaria is a fundraiser for the RMRK Association, which distributes unique NFT eggs that will hatch into unique and rare Kanaria birds (canaries) with special upgradable traits.

These birds are composable limited-edition NFTs (max 9999) that can evolve with the platforms around them, and offer permanent platform benefits to their holders, based on some traits they own. …

By Ifeanyi Egede

A lot of innovations have sprung up since the advent of the blockchain. These innovations have led to a positive paradigm shift.

Cryptocurrencies have caused a shift in the finance ecosystem while NFTs have affected the digital and virtual ecosystem. At the moment, it seems almost everything can be digitized, thanks to blockchain technology.

While there are many projects in the blockchain and digital space, only a few have stood out as unique. Bit.Country

Congratulations our leader! This is an amazing achievement.

Announcing our new initiative, Metaverse Career Academy, that we are launching with global tech educator Industry Connect.

Metaverse Career Academy brings experts to train everyday people about career opportunities in the metaverse. We envisaged a promising future of learning to earn, playing to earn, and building communities to earn.

While web3 and blockchain are still new to the general public, another purpose of the academy is to educate people to know more about this movement and we chose to use Polkadot and Substrate technology as the foundation for this course.

The academy is being created by some of the most…

Thanks team at Web3.Foundation Your support is massive for good projects to build in the Polkadot ecosystem!

Bit.Country team successfully implemented cross-chain token transfer. Our blockchain is now composable with Acala Network.

That means the assets can be transferred between our networks once we are all on the relay chain.

Polkadot Cross-Consensus Message Format (XCM) is a generic message format that doesn’t specify use cases like fungible tokens. Therefore, we need to provide an implementation of required use cases for parachains to be able to interoperate with the same context.

Parachains on Polkadot/Kusama shall be composable with each other, from exchanging value to exchanging and altering states. For example, chains can not only transfer values trustlessly, they…

21 teams are selected out of 200+ applications, we are in!

Project Bit.Country is a recent project launched by team that has been officially accepted by Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator in Silicon valley.

This is a milestone for us and our project members would have the access to the top minds on the planet to take the project to the global stage.

You can find the official media release here.

The Xcelerator launched in January 2019 as a joint venture between Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, SCET, and Blockchain at Berkeley. …

Bit.Country is a decentralized world — putting community first.

Everyone can start their own metaverse with the token economy and DAO.

We are building a network with an open protocol for managing & incentivizing communities using gamification.

The concept is uniquely invented and inspired by the decentralization paradigm. Its vision is to allow anyone (especially new users to the blockchain) to create their communities, economies as Bit Country on the blockchain network.

Concept of Bit.Country

Users can create their own bit countries, blocks, sections, and items as digital assets (NFTs). The UI offers both a classical web view and a…


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