Development Updates July 2021

Here is the development update for July 2021 from the middle metaverse. Community campaign launched, Bootcamp at Creative Destruction Lab, Alpha 0.1 development.

1 BC team has been selected by Creative Destruction Lab bootcamp by the University of Toronto.

2 Launched blind box campaign to distribute NFTs & prizes using testnet network.

15K users participated within 4 days since launch. More 1200 retweets. See Users Prizes.

3 Testnet faucet has a total user account of ~23K, (3K in early June)

Collator node campaign remains on the top. More

4 1143 tasks have been completed by our Ambassador candidates. The community is reviewing each of their tasks.

5 New staff members: Added Adeline in gaming, Jerry as full-stack, Mike in web/Blockchain to the engineering team.

6 Launched a new website with a new design.

7 The dev team led by Justin and Shannon is busy preparing alpha-0.1 for selected internal users.

Testing 3D NFT in the virtual world
A Bit Country Map — User’s own map of the 3D World

8 Our team members were invited to join various panel discussions.

The previous update can be found here.

About Bit.Country

Bit.Country is a platform that enables anyone to start their own metaverse. An individual can choose his own token, with a specific token economy structure in his/her metaverse. The framework also supports NFTs.

Purpose of Bit.Country

The main purpose of Bit.Country is to provide opportunities of value access for ordinary people. The network will help many individuals benefit from the metaverse. Even common people will be able to earn a tangible income by contributing to the Bit.Country communities.

Bit.Country’s Education System

The team believes that education is the door to great things. As such, they have released multiple courses to train and educate people and help them be more informed. It is vital that as many as possible become aware of the upcoming paradigm shift in the digital ecosystem. The education system set in place by Bit.Country aims at achieving this.


Bit.Country will take the virtual world to another level. While many things can be done and enjoyed virtually today, some key elements of the real world are still missing. It is the goal of the company to replicate the fun and reality of the physical world in the virtual ecosystem.

Since humans will always be inclined to explore new things, the concept of owning and playing a role in Bit.Country will be welcomed by tons of individuals. More so, the framework of the virtual bit country ensures that individuals can earn and get rewarded for services just like it happens in the real world. This will be an added reason for participation.

Official Links
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Chat Groups
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$NUUM (Taking from Continuum and it is about ‘U’)

Email (Partnership) (




Start your own metaverse for your people.

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Bit.Country Metaverse Network

Bit.Country Metaverse Network

Start your own metaverse for your people.

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