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7 min readDec 2, 2022

Bit.Country football fever was high this month as we launched our biggest campaign to date 🚀! The Kaosland Cup event kicked off with a custom-built football stadium, where fans dressed in one of 43 different country wearables to take a selfie while dancing and building in an event-specific sandpit metaverse.

In this football-inspired campaign, we will giveaway 5000 Kaosland Cup NFTs to winners of the Kaosland Cup Selfie Challenge 📸! Fans were keen to get their hands on the limited edition NFTs as we received over 30,000 whitelist registrations. On the 22nd of November, we launched the Selfie Challenge and to date, we have received over 13,000 entries. The chaos is just getting started as the campaign will run throughout December with the climax an up to 500,000 $NEER Kaosland Cup Airdrop🏆.

It’s not too late to enter the Kaosland Cup Selfie Competition! Click here to enter using your Twitter login.

Read all of the competition details here.

Kaosland Cup Selfie Challenge Trailer

Xenoform Event Statistics

Our Xenoform Event was the first opportunity for fans to purchase a raw Land Block from our Treasury. It was a massive success. Over 7 weeks the 60 Raw Land Blocks were sold via a series of auctions and buy-now sales. The event launched on the 18th of October with 10 Raw Land Blocks listed for a buy-now price of 1000 $NEER. These sold out within seconds. Following the buy now frenzy, a series of two to seven-day batched auctions ran until the 30th of November.

The sale price trended continuously trended upwards from the listing price of 1000 $NEER in all of the auctions. The highest sale price achieved was 11,501 $NEER while the average auction price was 6318 $NEER. Links to the winning metaverse owners can be found here.

MEXC Global Partnership Announcement

MEXC Global launched its first metaverse on Bit.Country. It will act as an immersive networking hub and a place for value exchange for its 10M+ registered users. MEXC Global is one of the worlds leading cryptocurrency exchanges. Bit.Country welcomes MEXC Global and is working with them closely to ensure that their metaverse will deliver high-quality, safe, secure and fast services to its visitors from over 170 countries.

Read more details here.

Metaverse News (Episode 7)

In Episode 8, you will find an update from Shannon Christie, Mike Li, and Daniel Choi about the latest features to be released on our app. We also talk with Keira Nesdale as she gives a recap of our Xenoform event and Chris Carmona introduced our Kaosland Cup Event.


1:39 Latest Metaverse Team Update — Shannon Christie

8:50 Tech Lead’s Latest Feature Developments — Daniel Choi

12:33 Metaverse.Network team’s latest features — Mike Li

21:30 Xenoform Bit.Country’s Raw Land Block Sale Event Recap — Keira Nesdale

25:01 Kaosland Cup Challenge— Chris Carmona

Metaverse.Network Team (By Mike)

  • Added Kaosland Cup Homepage.
  • Built a whitelist page for the Kaosland Cup NFT whitelist registration.
  • Added Trading Activity, and Market Capitalization to the Metaverse Home Page.
  • Add more social links options to metaverse home page- Website, YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitch, LinkedIn, Pinterest
  • Add metaverse name reserved words check.
  • Added log-in using a Twitter account.
  • Generate a non-custodial wallet with Twitter Account.
  • Site overhaul to improve navigation and handling of errors, improvements to multiple systems from blockchain connection to page availability
  • Initial Blockchain development for stackable NFTs (ERC-1155 like tokens), anti-snipe duration for auctions, and reward campaigns.

Bit.Country Metaverse Team (By Shannon)

  • Engine overhaul and architecture were updated to improve future development.
  • Improvements to player movement, inputs and more.
  • Updated shader system, better support for custom materials in the future.
  • Bloom/glow effect enabled for more meshes using emissive (likely to be tweaked to be opt-in).
  • The loading screen shows loading progress has a fallback timeout, shows network performance indicator and is now 2d to reduce the load on older devices
  • Development and verification of terrain system for metaverses.
  • Improved UI and UX, new chat UI, updated hyperlink tool UX for notifications
  • General improvements and fixes for text scaling, image NFT placement and transparency in some meshes.
  • Event world infrastructure and related systems for running 3D-based events or campaigns.

Bit.Country Tech Lead Team (By Daniel)

  • Implement a team picker for the Kaosland Cup event, allowing users to pick their supporting team and select dance animations.
  • Implemented Instant change wearables in the metaverse.
  • Implemented instant import animation to the avatar.
  • Modified mesh and animation instanter to work after avatar has been loaded.
  • Added and implemented the Kaosland Cup team selector in the Sandpit.
  • Added new emote animations for Kaosland Cup.
  • Design the avatar v2 system and new menu UI, and new navigation system.
  • Allow users to quickly select different avatar styles from the avatar customizer v2.
  • Allow users to change the avatar's facial details such as hair, hair colour, eyebrows and more.

Community & Operation

  • Launched Kaosland Cup NFT Whitelist Event. Read the details here.
  • Launched Selfie Competition and announced Kaosland Cup Airdrop. Read the details here.
  • Launched a 1000 $NEER giveaway gleam contest.
  • Bit.Country Twitter Huddles

-> 2nd of November: Metaverse gamification & the power of NFTs with Phala.Network.

-> 9th of November: Which Industries will be Disrupted by the Metaverse.

-> 17th of November: Building up the Kaosland! Introducing MetaDojos Kaosland Collection.

  • Produced a tutorial on How to Enter the Kaosland Cup Competition. Watch it here.
  • Announced a partnership with MUA DAO, and launched a football-themed wearables design competition. The winning design can be seen below. To see all entries please see
  • Published a Transparency Statement. Read more details here.
  • Mike was a panel judge for the IBC EMERGE start-up demo day sponsored by Polkadot.

Creative & 3D Team

  • Designed a Gavin Woods-inspired avatar.
  • Created a Kaosland Cup Stadium for the Kaosland Cup Selfie Challenge.
  • Designed 43 football-themed wearables for the Kaosland Cup Selfie Challenge event.
  • Designed 8 animated avatar football-themed dancing emotes for the Kaosland Cup Selfie Challenge.
  • Designed a new Vietnam-themed avatar.


Metaverse.Network is the blockchain protocol on top of which Bit.Country is built. Designed and developed to support metaverses and related ecosystem projects. Providing an Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform and protocol to build metaverse-native experiences.

Create projects to support the platform’s metaverses, or start a new metaverse directly on top of the protocol.

About Bit.Country

Bit.Country is a platform for user-created metaverses and games with opportunities to earn.

Launch your own individualized metaverse for your friends, family or members; with your own sky and dedicated world. Let your community be perpetuated on our metaverse machine, and share in the value created.

Customize your metaverse to match the culture of your community, and let them share in the ownership and governance of your world.

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