Blind Box Game with Testnet NUUM


  • Use testnet NUUM to open blind box.
  • Find the blind boxes in our Discord in blindbox-campaign channel
  • Go to to open blind boxes.
  • Criteria: users with Twitter account created before July 13th, 2021
  • Read the terms and conditions.

A blind box, what is that?

How to Get Started

STEP 1: Get your testnet $NUUM

STEP 2: Go to the blind box channel on Discord

STEP 3: Get a blind box number

  • The blind box bot will publicly publish blind box numbers in the form of images on the Discord Blind Box channel for everyone to see!
  • Please remember a blind box number and open it as soon as possible as it can only be opened once!
  • NOTE: Each image will contain multiple blindbox numbers separated by commas.
  • Blind boxes will be released in batches of 10 blind boxes. New batches will be released every 10 minutes unless the previous batch still has unopened blind boxes.

STEP 4: Open your blind box.

  • After memorizing a blind box id, please enter the id on the Bit.Country Blind Box campaign page to attempt to open the blind box and potentially receive a reward or claimable reward.
  • Remember, a blind box can only be opened once. Once the blind box is opened by a user, the blind box id will be invalid for further opening.

STEP 5: Check and claim your rewards

  • Post a tweet with the image of your Blind Box prize, and don’t forget to @BitDotCountry and tag 3 of your Twitter friends.
  • On the My Winnings page, click “Claim” and paste the tweet link you posted before.
  • Click “Submit”.
Sample tweet that you need to create for your prize.

Terms & Conditions

  • Testnet $NUUM. Testnet $NUUM will be distributed to your account when you win the Testnet $NUUM. You will be able to log in and check your rewards via
    *Testnet $NUUM has no economic value but is used for testnet campaigns.
  • $KSM. $KSM will be distributed to your KSM address after the campaign concludes in August (Estimated).
  • Wearable NFTs. Wearable NFTs will be distributed to your account when our mainnet goes live.
  • KYC is required before the NFT & KSM distribution. No KYC is required for Testnet NUUM prizes.
  • NOTE: Rewards claimed or otherwise will only be honored (given or made available to a winner, for use, for wearing, for ownership, or other use) if the winner hasn’t been disqualified or the reward voided due to a violation related to our terms and conditions for the campaign.



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