A Powerful Metaverse Is Coming. Bit.Country NUUM Airdrop Is Here

The Purpose of Bit.Country’s Metaverse

While our team is excited about web3.0 development, our destiny is to create a network that brings real-world impact. We want to provide ordinary people with opportunities of value access in this paradigm shift.

Our Backers

Reaching 200 Million Fans…

On the network of influencers, Walsh Wealth Ventures co-leads the round by bringing a powerful network of KOLs and influencers reaching 200 million fans on classic social media platforms.

Our Background

  • Raised US $4M in the first round backed by unicorn and extending our network to 200M fans. More
  • Participant of Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator (2021 Cohort)
  • Participant of Creative Destruction Lab by Toronto University (2021 Cohort)
  • Web3 Foundation Open Grant Recipients
  • Founding member of Metaverse Career Academy (World First of this Kind)
  • Founding member of Substrate Runtime Developer Academy, endorsed by Parity.
  • Our Founder and CEO is a serial entrepreneur and also owning multiple million-dollar tech businesses with a global user base.
  • The founders of Acala Network are on our advisory board.

Airdrop Details

How to Participate?

Please go to this link CoinMarketCap to participate by filling up the form by clicking Join This Airdrop

Why it is called NUUM?

Find out how we come up the ticker name NUUM from the short video below.

What is NUUM used for

NUUM is the native utility token on Bit.Country blockchain.

  • Purchasing Land Blocks for your bit country
  • Minting social token and use it as liquidity pair for your social token
  • Purchasing spot on the Continuum — the universal map
  • NUUM is the currency for trading BIT which is the base material for building and energizing your metaverse.
  • Purchasing Network NFT Collections.
  • Staking.

Terms & Conditions

Bit.Country is solely responsible for the selection and distribution of assets to the winners for this event. Failure to comply with the instructions outlined in this article invalidates the entire entry.

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