Bit.Country 3D Architect Competition. Prizes: Land, $KSM & More

Competition Process

Very simple to get started, please see stage 1.


  • File format — .obj or .glb/.gltf
  • Keep polycount at 8k or below
  • The maximum size for any dimension should be less than 3 meters.
  • Preferably the textures should be baked. (We support both polygons and voxels)

Benefits and Rewards

Winner Designers of Bit.Country 3D Architect Competition receive the following benefits and rewards:

  • 2 Blocks of Land
  • 0.5 KSM. Winning designs will get 0.5 KSM.
  • Bit.Country Authorised 3D Architect. The “Bit. Country Authorised 3D Architect” is proof of the quality of 3D Architect. which you can use to highlight the qualifications of your designs in Bit.Country and Metaverse World.
  • Bit.Country 3D Architect NFT from the Genesis Collection.

Competition Rules

  1. All entries must be original and contain Bit.Country elements, also encourage the teams to use Kusama and Polkadot concept. No plagiarism or infringement.
  2. The theme of the work is not limited (except for sensitive topics such as politics, violence, and race)
  3. Please make sure that the final submission format is. obj, . glb/. gltf
  4. There will be an exhibition where the creations will be displayed in Bit.Country, along with accreditation to the original artist.

Next Step

Join our #world-builder channel on Discord. And briefly introduce yourself.

About Bit.Country

Bit.Country is a platform that enables anyone to start their own metaverse. An individual can choose his own token, with a specific token economy structure in his/her metaverse. The framework also supports NFTs.

Our Investment Backers

Gurus are Powering Up a Metaverse Civilization

Within 8 days, our collator node operators boosted Bit.Country Tewai Blockchain to Top 1.



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