Bit.Country 3D Architect Competition. Prizes: Land, $KSM & More

Bit.Country Team
5 min readJun 16, 2021

Block collision, Meta in Chaos before the Genesis: Kicking off the first Bit.Country design competition. Let’s show your creativity and metaverse dream!

“There is no loneliness in the metaverse, Only carnivals from different planets. Metaverse is the super highway of dreams and happiness”

Hi, 3D lovers, metaverse dreamers,

It is the time to show your creativity! 2021 is the year when NFT is detonated. Countless amazing creative works have set off a boom sweeping the whole industry.

The Bit.Country 3D Architect Competition is a freestyle design competition open to professional and young designers.

As a designer, metaverse can not only let you show your talents but also let you find more inspiration in this unrestrained world.

In 2021, our Bit.Country will bring you to a new metaverse era!

As the first metaverse project in Polkadot, we always adhere to the principle of openness and mutual benefit to cooperate with our partners. We hope Bit.Country is not only our world but also the world created by everyone!

Designers are welcome to contribute their original works, whether they are skyscrapers or street corner tiles. Let’s build our ideal Bit.Country together!

Competition Process

Very simple to get started, please see stage 1.

Stage 1: Contribution Collection

At this stage, the designers should first create 2D plane images of their ideas and send them to Twitter by tagging @BitDotCountry with the hashtag #BitCountry3DPrize

Stage 2: Network Council and Public Voting

Your submission will be evaluated on both aesthetics and technical properties. We will select the qualified artwork and send further invitations to the designers.

After that, the designers can start to make the 3D version of the work. Please make sure that the final submission format is. obj, . glb/. gltf

Stage 3: Announcement of the Final Winners.

We will make the announcement of the final winners on our official social media Twitter


  • File format — .obj or .glb/.gltf
  • Keep polycount at 8k or below
  • The maximum size for any dimension should be less than 3 meters.
  • Preferably the textures should be baked. (We support both polygons and voxels)

*As a builder on Polkadot or Kusama, we also encourage teams to use Polkadot and Kusama elements in their design. Especially for Kusama, as an innovative way of funding using crowd loans is taking place right now.

Benefits and Rewards

Winner Designers of Bit.Country 3D Architect Competition receive the following benefits and rewards:

  • 2 Blocks of Land
  • 0.5 KSM. Winning designs will get 0.5 KSM.
  • Bit.Country Authorised 3D Architect. The “Bit. Country Authorised 3D Architect” is proof of the quality of 3D Architect. which you can use to highlight the qualifications of your designs in Bit.Country and Metaverse World.
  • Bit.Country 3D Architect NFT from the Genesis Collection.

Competition Rules

  1. All entries must be original and contain Bit.Country elements, also encourage the teams to use Kusama and Polkadot concept. No plagiarism or infringement.
  2. The theme of the work is not limited (except for sensitive topics such as politics, violence, and race)
  3. Please make sure that the final submission format is. obj, . glb/. gltf
  4. There will be an exhibition where the creations will be displayed in Bit.Country, along with accreditation to the original artist.

Next Step

Join our #world-builder channel on Discord. And briefly introduce yourself.

Then, you can start the stage 1 process. Share your 2D concept on Twitter and tag @BitDotCountry with the hashtag #BitCountry3DPrize

Show your imagination of a Metaverse civilization.

About Bit.Country

Bit.Country is a platform that enables anyone to start their own metaverse. An individual can choose his own token, with a specific token economy structure in his/her metaverse. The framework also supports NFTs.

Our core team is based in New Zealand, a wonderful country that brought the world many great creations including the Lord of the Rings films, digital human ventures, launching rockets, the Jet Pack, air taxi, bungy jumping, Hobbiton, Beef Wellington, McLaren Cars, the finest milk powder, and many others, all from the “middle earth”, Aotearoa and the middle metaverse.

After recent acceptance into Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator, we are mentored by experienced blockchain experts, and connecting with more partners.

Our Investment Backers

On the network of influencers, Walsh Wealth Ventures co-leads the round by bringing a powerful network of KOLs and influencers reaching 200 million fans on classic social media platforms.

Their network includes CryptoGodJohn, MrBeast, KSI, Tobias31, Lazarbeam, MrFreshAsian, LachlanYT, CryptoWizardd, and others.

A global leader, a unicorn in blockchain gaming, Animoca Brands joins in co-leadership of the round and brings in vast knowledge and connections to metaverse games. As an owner of many popular blockchain games, we are looking forward to a collaborative future in this space.

Top funds in the Polkadot ecosystem, Hypersphere Ventures, and Digital Financial Group (DFG) are the co-leaders from the Polkadot community and they bring us a clear future of the internet of chains and the composition of chains on Polkadot/Kusama.

Visionaries and trendsetters, Anti Fund backed by Geoffrey Woo and Jake Paul (20M subscribers on YouTube); and Cao Yin (the first Crypto-art collector in China) of DRF.EE, are both sound supporters in this round.

The crypto and digital Investment communities, Republic teams have a strong belief in what we do. Both Republic Labs and Republic Realm have joined in, allowing us to have access to the most elite communities from crypto retail investment to digital real estate development.

Gurus are Powering Up a Metaverse Civilization

Within 8 days, our collator node operators boosted Bit.Country Tewai Blockchain to Top 1.

View node telemetry:

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