[Announcement] Pre-whitelisting for Metaverse Odyssey Event

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3 min readNov 12, 2021


The journey continues from Bit.Country Pioneer to Bit.Country Continuum and to an even wider Metaverse.Network ecosystem on Polkadot.

The Metaverse Odyssey Event is for NUUM, the native utility token of Metaverse.Network (our Blockchain) and Bit.Country Continuum on Polkadot.

We are pleased to announce that the pre-whitelisting site is live for the upcoming Metaverse Odyssey Event. This allows qualified Pioneer crowdloan contributors to link their email with their wallet’s contribution for pre-whitelisting.

There will be three rounds for the event.

*Update for round 1. Blindbox NFT holders who have claimed will be whitelisted.

Pre-whitelisting site


The deadline for pre-whitelisting is 20th/Nov/2021 00:00:00 UTC+0, about 7 days away from now.

If you are not qualified for the first 2 rounds and are interested in our public event, you can sign up for our public event newsletter on the same website.


✔️What is the price, and min & max allocation for NUUM?

This will be available on Tokensoft once the rounds kick off.

✔️If I am eligible for round 1, am I eligible for round 2?

Yes, and anyone can also join the public round, round 3.

✔️How can we check our crowdloan NEER reward?

We are busy processing the data and developing a new site for checking NEER rewards and referrals.

Due to the priority of our Metaverse Odyssey Event, and that Kusama’s auctions almost clashed with this event, the team has put more of our focus into this event first. Rest assured, your KSM contribution rewards are safely recorded on Kusama and all the referral data has been kept safe in multiple locations.

✔️When should I expect to know if I won the additional land block gift?

We have been working on this, and the team is debating two main points. We are also taking opinions from the community.

So far, there is some good news to share, the debate is in favor of the majority of the pioneer crowdloan contributors receiving a space in Bit.Country Pioneer. The difference will be around the size, land types, and distribution method. Due to many upcoming events, we aim to announce it in Dec 2021 before Christmas day.

✔️When is the Bit.Country & Metaverse.Network crowdloan on Polkadot?

Historically speaking, a well-performing canary network on Kusama is likely to have a successful outcome on Polkadot. That means if we focus on the Pioneer network on Kusama, we are actually curating value for its Polkadot cousin.

We will start the Polkadot crowdloan when the timing is right. However, because web3 is developing at a rapid pace, this event could be sooner or later. Please stay tuned.

✔️What is the main purpose of Bit.Country Continuum & Metaverse.Network on Polkadot?

The purpose of Bit.Country Continuum on Polkadot is to give more room for growth in terms of token supply and land block supply. It will also bring the top-performing individual metaverses from Pioneer to join the force to bootstrap the network. There will be different features, narratives, and more episodes.

The purpose of Metaverse.Network on Polkadot is to enable enterprises to launch their own metaverse projects and collaborate with our metaverse initiatives.

✔️Having issues of verification in pre-whitelisting. Different Wallet Troubleshooting
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