SubWallet Partners with Bit.Country and Launches its First Metaverse

Manage your $NEER, $BIT and NFTs in SubWallet application.

Future Metaverse Collaborative Possibilities with Metaverse Campaign Module

  • Airdrop tokens or NFTs to users that carry out transactions with SubWallet.
  • Airdrop tokens or NFTs to users that sign in for consecutive days.
  • Airdrop tokens or NFTs to users who stake Pioneer Bit.Country land.
  • Pioneer Bit.Country land grants to support the growth of the SubWallet metaverse builders and community.
  • Users can explore the SubWallet Metaverse to collect SubWallet + Bit.Country NFT wearables for their avatars.
  • Host SubWallet AMAs in SubWallet Metaverse arenas. Attendees can be airdropped rewards for attending and asking meaningful questions.
  • Cross-metaverse collaborations. SubWallet Metaverse community can collaborate with other metaverses hosted on Pioneer Bit.Country to run marketing campaigns. For example, a user must visit another specific metaverse and collect an NFT which is part of a campaign set to unlock rewards.

Collectively Build a Web3 SubWallet Brand Identity in the Metaverse

Connect your SubWallet account to Bit.Country when you sign in.

About SubWallet

About Bit.Country & Metaverse.Network

Kasoland is a Bit.Country metaverse.



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