SubWallet Partners with Bit.Country and Launches its First Metaverse

Bit.Country Team
6 min readSep 22, 2022

Bit.Country is extremely proud to announce an official partnership with SubWallet.

We are excited to join forces with SubWallet and help them grow a Web3 metaverse identity. SubWallet will be integrated with our Pioneer Bit.Country application as a user-friendly and very easy-to-use wallet extension. It will improve our ecosystem’s Web3 experience by simplifying access and interactions for trading, sending, receiving and monitoring $NEER, $BIT, NFTs and land.

In this partnership, SubWallet will launch its first metaverse on Pioneer Bit.Country. It will provide its community with an online networking hub where all visitors and fans can benefit. SubWallet users will be able to collectively build the SubWallet Metaverse economy into a 3D world. Together the users create immersive experiences without the need for prior coding knowledge.

Pioneer Bit.Country gives metaverse pioneers all of the tools that are needed to start creating a 3D world. Bit.Country virtual land ownership is secured through NFTs. Our platform also allows users to create NFT collections and trade the NFTs on a local SubWallet NFT Marketplace via the SubWallet application. NFT creators and owners can store and manage their NFTs and tokens with confidence in their SubWallet accounts.

Manage your $NEER, $BIT and NFTs in SubWallet application.

Future Metaverse Collaborative Possibilities with Metaverse Campaign Module

  • Airdrop tokens or NFTs to users that carry out transactions with SubWallet.
  • Airdrop tokens or NFTs to users that sign in for consecutive days.
  • Airdrop tokens or NFTs to users who stake Pioneer Bit.Country land.
  • Pioneer Bit.Country land grants to support the growth of the SubWallet metaverse builders and community.
  • Users can explore the SubWallet Metaverse to collect SubWallet + Bit.Country NFT wearables for their avatars.
  • Host SubWallet AMAs in SubWallet Metaverse arenas. Attendees can be airdropped rewards for attending and asking meaningful questions.
  • Cross-metaverse collaborations. SubWallet Metaverse community can collaborate with other metaverses hosted on Pioneer Bit.Country to run marketing campaigns. For example, a user must visit another specific metaverse and collect an NFT which is part of a campaign set to unlock rewards.

Collectively Build a Web3 SubWallet Brand Identity in the Metaverse

Virtual land in the SubWallet Metaverse will soon be programmable. Bit.Country’s simple code engineer will allow landowners to easily author mini-games, marketing campaigns, and experiences for their visitors. Campaigns can be customized to create digital and physical utility for the community. Together the community will build an immersive 3D world with experiences catered for everyone.

Connect your SubWallet account to Bit.Country when you sign in.

Bit.Country is one of the most promising projects in Metaverse segment, as evidenced by their collaborations with big names in the Web3 world. We’re thrilled to work closely with Bit.Country to bring smooth experience to users while they get immersed in their virtual land activities. Knowing that Metaverse is a potential market in the future, we believe that Bit.Country will soon be a rising star with real-world impact.” — Hieu Dao, CEO and Co-Founder of SubWallet

“I am thrilled to be partnering with SubWallet and explore our synergies as we collaborate to increase accessibility to our native assets.

SubWallet is user-friendly and easy to use. We are committed to building a strong and long partnership that will benefit both of our communities. I am excited to see Pioneer Bit.Country users manage their $NEER, $BIT, NFTs and Bit.Country land portfolios directly with SubWallet. It is an application that our community will use to easily perform XCM cross-chain transfers of $NEER and $BIT to other parachains.

I look forward to supporting the SubWallet community to build its own metaverse on Pioneer Bit.Country.” — Justin Pham, CEO and Co-Founder of Bit.Country & Metaverse.Network

Bit.Country & Metaverse.Network are excited to support the SubWallet community to become metaverse pioneers and utilize the potential of community brand growth in the metaverse. Together we will harness the power of our communities and the wider Polkadot ecosystem to seek new opportunities and make Web3 more accessible.

About SubWallet

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SubWallet is a pioneering user-friendly Web3 Multiverse Gateway for the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems. With the mission of bringing crypto users closer to the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem and opening the Web3 universe, we focus on building a product that provides the simplest and most secure way to interact with Web3 applications built on Substrate Framework like Pioneer Bit.Country.

With SubWallet, users can track, send, receive, stake, contribute to crowdloan and manage their multi-chain assets. From April 2022, SubWallet has been part of Substrate Builders Program, a program founded by Parity to offer extensive and comprehensive support to projects developed in the Substrate ecosystem.

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About Bit.Country & Metaverse.Network

Bit.Country is the first decentralized application to offer brands, influencers, and individuals the opportunity for their community to co-build a collective vision of the metaverse. We provide all of the tools necessary to build a metaverse without any technical or coding knowledge. Anyone can effortlessly create a metaverse and create a 3D community hub for visitors to network, learn, earn, play, and socialize.

Bit.Country encourages users’ to build chaotic, imaginative digital worlds with their communities by placing colorful voxels, and 3D assets. Metaverses can be built to create experiences and opportunities for their visitors. Bit.Country encourages communities to co-build their metaverse so that it collectively benefits its creators and contributors. Bit.Country envisages that a metaverse will be used as a community hub that brings innovation to online social connectivity, content creation and economic growth.

Kasoland is a Bit.Country metaverse.

Everyone has their own vision of what a metaverse symbolizes and how it should look. Bit.Country gives its users all of the tools to build a vision of their brand and create artistic statements in the digital online world.

Metaverse.Network is a layer 1 blockchain that provides a scalable solution for our ecosystem’s growth as we align ourselves to be the go-to blockchain for metaverse service and dApp development. Bit.Country is the first protocol to be built on the Metaverse.Network blockchain.

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