Kaosland: Foundation Phase completed and Ready for Settlement!

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5 min readApr 20, 2023


After months of hard work, design, and development, we are excited to announce that the Foundation Phase of Kaosland is now completed. With settlement now open — this is just the beginning — you can be part of our mission to create the best metaverse ever made. Our community of more than 11.8k unique landowners is already strong, and ready to grow and develop their communities as Kaosland grows and develops.

- Kaosland is ready for settlement. With a strong community of more than 11.8k unique land owners, Kaosland is ready to explore. Build and develop on Kaosland now. Check out the Kaosland homepage https://kaosland.org
- Building Partners Like MetaDojo are launching a metaverse-ready NFT Collection
- Get ready to play the first game available on Kaosland
- Win up to 50,000 $NEER by participating in the Kaosland Settlement Building Competition.

Explore and Build in Your Own Land: Kaosland is Waiting for You.

The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here, Kaosland Metaverse is now discoverable via https://kaosland.org.
We invite you to explore, develop and start building in your land. We have optimized our platform for you to have the best experience possible and our commitment to every user and community member is to constantly improve and add new features to make your experience and expand the possibilties beyond your imagination.

Whether you’re looking to showcase your Digital Assets, to a wider audience by building an art gallery in Kaosland, or deploy your own activities and mini-games, Kaosland is getting ready to give you all those possibilities.

The Kaosland map currently shows that Kaosland isn’t just a place to build and play games; it’s also a place to connect with like-minded individuals and build and grow your own communities. We are thrilled to explore what communities, landowners, and enthusiasts create in Kaosland.

Building Partners ready to simplify your building Experience.

Is Kaosland your first Metaverse Experience and you don’t know how or where to start? We’re happy to announce that we’ve been working closely with Building Partners like MetaDojo.io Their goal is to simplify the building experience to a level where they offer metaverse-ready assets that you only need to place inside the land you own. This way, you can focus on what matters most: bringing your friends, family, and community to join you and interact in the metaverse. Stay tuned to their official social media channels, as they will be launching a Kaosland Limited Edition collection very soon.

The first game on Kaosland is ready for you to try it.

The team has been hard at work creating a set of tools called the “Experience Framework,” which includes multiple APIs, SDKs, and documentation. These tools will enable developers to create their own games, experiences, and gamified activities within the metaverse.

Are you ready to try the experience framework and all the possibilities it will unlock? So are we!! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the first-ever mini-game on Bit.Country called Monolithic! This game will have you competing against fellow Kaoslanders in a race to find hidden treasures inside a stunning voxel-made monolith. The more treasures you uncover, the higher you climb on the leaderboard. It’s an exciting way to test your skills and have fun with your friends and fellow community members in the metaverse. So, what are you waiting for? Did we mention there is a leaderboard?😇

Kaosland Settlement Build Competition.

Are you ready to show off your building skills and creativity in the Kaosland Settlement Era? The Bit.Country and Metaverse.Network team is excited to announce our building competition, where you can win prizes while building your dream world in Kaosland.

There are 2 ways to participate:

A) Create an impressive build and get featured by the Kaosland Official Twitter Account and win a grand prize of 50,000 $NEER*.

To be elegible,

  1. Simply Quote retweet this tweet including a screenshot of your build inside Kaosland, with the URL of the Coordinates of your land.
  2. Share the screenshot and coordinates url on #kaosland-sneak-peek channel
  3. Check if your screenshot gets featured on BitCountry Official Twitter Account

B) Support your favorite featured builds and have a chance to win 10 $NEER**.

To be elegible,

  1. Simply Quote retweet this tweet including a screenshot of your favorite build inside Kaosland, with the URL of the Coordinates the screenshot was taken.

*Up to 100 (500 $NEER per estate) winners will be chosen by the creativity of the build and support by the community. Tokens will be distributed to the wallet address owning the land selected as winner.

**Up to 100 supporters will be randomly chosen from the quote retweets. Winners will be contacted by the Bit.Country team requesting your wallet address and provide further steps for prize distribution. (The Bit.Country team will never ask for your private keys nor seed phrase, beware of scams, friends)

- Competition period will run from Apr 20, 2023 till May 20, 2023

Don’t know where to start?

Check the following list of resources that will help you get up to date so you are ready to start building and participating in this competition:

  1. What is Kaosland?
  2. How do I build?
  3. How do I create my own 3D Models?
  4. How do I get my coordinates?
  5. What is MetaDojo?

Step inside, let Kaos reign!



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